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Venture HR Provides a vast majority of Human Resources & Payroll Services

As an extension to your business, Venture HR provides companies with customized solutions to fit their independent needs.

Get access to Management level HR & Payroll experience without paying the full time annual costs. You are able to obtain relief with our full menu of Human Resources & Payroll Services, while you focus on your business. We would appreciate an opportunity to meet with your team, assess and implement ways Venture HR can be of service.


Payroll Administration

We can be your payroll specialist, we can utilize your internal system, or we can use our system for your business. 


No need to hire a full time payroll specialist, with the streamlined processes we can have about 2-3 days in total payroll administration

State & Federal compliance

Processes set up to reduce time with worker's comp audits, payroll audits, etc. Dedicated team member and number to contact payroll when your employees or managers need the attention.

Human Resource Service

Companies are evolving and we are forced to change the way we have been doing business, what worked 10 years ago will not continue to work in the present/future. We are not just about people any longer, as your HR Dept we are ingrossed in your company, operations, and budgets. 


Partner to compose training programs

Community involvement for grants, training with technical schools

System Administration and Implementation

Policies and Procedures come with training and retraining, let us handle it for you. We will learn your culture, listen to what you need and want, and we will navigate to give you the best solution.



We are subject matter experts in compliance and insurance needs. 


Strategic Preferred partnerships allow us to obtain deep discounts and pricing.

Knowledgeable experts in learning your plan design and implement cost sharing initiatives.

Need someone to help in registration, unemployment and worker's comp on the state level; we can help.

Assessment for cost savings, implementing ways to reduce your worker's compensation costs (insurance and claims) as well as unemployment ratings.

New Clients

New clients who mention our site promotion will receive a special promotion.

Discount, savings,

Bottom line impacts

Our team has worked on the other end in an employer (small and large) setting, we have worked hand in hand with operations, C-Suite and business owners to assess the needs of how we can implement certain processes to have an overall impact to your bottom line, costs. We want to be your partner not just overhead costs.

Safety in the workplace
Setting Goals
Skills, Careers, Employee, Recruitment
Team Development

What you are seeking we have a solution, and if we do not, we know someone who will, this is our promise to you!

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